Big Blonde Muscle Ass

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Big Blonde Bodybuilder poses for a camera and shows off his magnificent ass! Enjoy!

mim Avatar

wpw. what a perfect musclehunk!

by mim (3 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

Turn the sound off, sit back and enjoy !

by gremlin8 (3 years ago)
nipman2 Avatar

HO man! Con Demetrio.

by nipman2 (4 years ago)
RudyR Avatar

He should have made that obnoxious director eat his own underwear

by RudyR (4 years ago)
metrodorus Avatar

Dudes, blonde is feminine and applied to women. Blond is the masculine and applied to men.

by metrodorus (5 years ago)

keep your butt up as you can
... so we can get curve of your ass
BEAUTIFUL... love the ass pose though

by (5 years ago)
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sexymuscle Avatar

Why this fucking hot guy doesn't show his cock, he must cums on the camera man or the photographer, it will be so hot.. more of this guy please

by sexymuscle (9 years ago)
johntlewis Avatar

Jimmy Z is fun to listen to as he orders Con how to pose his ass!! Fun! Hot!

by johntlewis (10 years ago)
lanvin789 Avatar

CON IS SO FUCKING HOT!!! but the guy yells too much >.< Great video nonetheless!!! Upload more plz!!! Esp of Con Demetriou!!!

by lanvin789 (10 years ago)
mayena Avatar

Australian born bodybuilder Con Demetriou. King Con at JimmyZProductions.

by mayena (10 years ago)