Sam Choudhury boobs

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muscled pecs, big nipples, muscled hairy armpits and bush. Follow him for more hot stuff on FB as Sam Choudhury and on IG @sam_choudhury90

mjolesko Avatar

synthol arms.. needs to find a razor and see a barber. Ugh!

by mjolesko (5 months ago)

Dammmmm thats an hot pair of muscle tits this guy has got there! No wonder he gets them played and chewed and clamped so often!

by (6 months ago)
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I love did mussel man and his hairy armpits

by (7 months ago)
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iloveass19 Avatar

Omgd these titties. I wanna chew on these titties so bad.

by iloveass19 (7 months ago)
Mulder Avatar

no no no

by Mulder (7 months ago)