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Just a horny weekend in bed. Thank you for watching. Feel free to share photos and videos just tag Sam Choudhury on FB or IG sam_choudhury90

hung78249 Avatar

This guy is not ugly. I wish gay people would stop bashing other people. What may be ugly to you may not be ugly to others. Just because the guy is hairy does not indicate he may smell and have body odor. You guys need to get a life and stop being so judgemental.

by hung78249 (6 months ago)
MuscleGazer Avatar

Boring and too short

by MuscleGazer (6 months ago)
ray12210 Avatar

What is it with this guy. He's been hit with the ugly stick and doesn't know it.

by ray12210 (6 months ago)
daleo4 Avatar

could use some grooming-looks like he smells

by daleo4 (6 months ago)

nice pits hairy

by (6 months ago)
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