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  • Luvnatem

    1 Month ago

    I am a slave for HARD pecs. One hand on those slabs and the other jerking off like crazy. Splooge in 30 seconds.

  • bigpecs

    5 months ago

    Oh I could handle those huge muscle tits UU. Love it when he fully relaxes them at 0:53. You could get a good workout just lifting all his pec meat. Just imagine what he can hold in the huge and deep pec valley!

  • crazybounce

    7 months ago

    fuck that's hot

  • kbro

    1 Year ago

    I cummed from this

  • realish786

    1 Year ago

    I got something that will fit really nice in the deep cleft between those massive manly titties;)

  • benoitmax

    1 Year ago

    Hot! I’ll wrestle him anytime!

  • mayena

    2 years ago

    Romanian bodybuilder and physique competitor Stefan Florin Cosovanu.

  • RC

    3 years ago

    Would love to play with those pecs.


    4 years ago

    i love this men ...

  • mjolesko

    5 years ago

    Oh, daddy! he got BIG thick hard titties.