Muscle Worship

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  • newrobbie

    2 months ago

    7:06 ya. feel up those peaked-out bis..

  • Keadin

    4 months ago

    @trentjones I'm pretty sure it's not a guy doing the worshipping. And he does get hard later on.

  • trentjones

    9 months ago

    Very sexy, but he must be super straight. This must be what they call gay for pay. Bi or gay guys get super hard when you play with their dicks. I'm sure the guy grabbing him is rock hard and had to relieve himself as soon as they finished filming.

  • HerrDoom

    2 years ago

    Honestly, this is one of the best videos about muscle worship out there. Would be awesome if these two repeated their "cooperation". :) Is there more from this guy?

  • mayena

    2 years ago

    Who is he?.

  • crushme99

    2 years ago

    mmmmmm, feels so good