Yummi Cosmin alone in the bed

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  • mayena

    4 years ago

    Romanian bodybuider and powerlifter Iana Ionut.

  • Daniel1970

    7 years ago

    He doesn't look that old to have such saggy pecs. He really needs to clean up his diet and do tons of cardio.

  • MuscleYogi

    8 years ago

    Does he live in LA?

  • Alex333

    9 years ago

    does he have his own site ? i wonder where this is from

  • gappythree

    10 years ago

    Yummi should NEVER be alone in bed...


    10 years ago


  • MuscleYogi

    10 years ago

    I love his 'saggy' pecs...and his unique fun attitude about showing off his beautiful muscles!

  • dokkie

    10 years ago

    his saggy pecs turned me off.

  • benoitmax

    10 years ago

    Yes... that would be cool to test his strength !!!

  • 10 years ago

    gawd, I love this incredible man. He really enjoys showing off his big muscles. That muscle butt is perfect just as everything else is. He is much more in shape here than I've ever seen him. And it's obvvious he's a real sweetheart.