Bodybuilder Daniel Carter Sucks Off Bodybuilder Jake Daniel

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  • needmuscle

    6 months ago

    Turn off. Both these dudes are straight.

  • jeveu

    8 months ago

    me next?

  • Surferboy

    11 months ago

    Daniel Carter is a scammer. Do not send him money. He will promise you customs and then ghost you.

  • bodybtopxl

    1 Year ago

    Daniel is so cute. I want him to take care of my XL tool, too.

  • FishNRod88

    1 Year ago


  • sportman

    2 years ago


  • jimmyhankjr

    3 years ago

    This is old. Jake Daniel is quite a bit more buff these days, and Carter is mostly doing soft-core shit. He needs a good boning, IMHO.

  • RC

    3 years ago

    This is guy suck cock. He appears in other websites a Joey Sullivan, Trevor usually just posing nude and j/o. Sucking cock is a first.

  • nipman250251

    3 years ago

    So, Daniel Carter is gay? Love to suck him off!

  • dirkm97

    3 years ago

    Do they do this because they want to? Or because they are whoring themselves out for money. I think personal dignity is sexy as well.


    2 months ago

    Either you believe that Self-Determination is the foundation of Democracy, Or you think oppression is a good idea. Nobody is being hurt by the Gay4Pay choices these guys make. Scamming is about broken promises....disapprove of him for that reason. Not the same at all. THINK ABOUT IT>