Bodybuilder Daniel Carter Sucks Off Bodybuilder Jake Daniel

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  • Surferboy

    2 months ago

    Daniel Carter is a scammer. Do not send him money. He will promise you customs and then ghost you.

  • BodybTopXL

    3 months ago

    Daniel is so cute. I want him to take care of my XL tool, too.

  • FishNRod88

    5 months ago


  • sportman

    9 months ago


  • jimmyhankjr

    2 years ago

    This is old. Jake Daniel is quite a bit more buff these days, and Carter is mostly doing soft-core shit. He needs a good boning, IMHO.

  • RC

    2 years ago

    This is guy suck cock. He appears in other websites a Joey Sullivan, Trevor usually just posing nude and j/o. Sucking cock is a first.

  • nipman250251

    2 years ago

    So, Daniel Carter is gay? Love to suck him off!

  • dirkm97

    2 years ago

    Do they do this because they want to? Or because they are whoring themselves out for money. I think personal dignity is sexy as well.

  • poshi

    2 years ago

    Unfortunately this is all that I have... I couldn't find any other interactions between them like this. :(

  • BigrAndHardr

    2 years ago

    So hot! Where is the rest of this?