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  • malecite

    10 years ago

    that's hot bro

  • flx4me

    10 years ago

    been a fan of yours for several years now. Always watched your videos on friends computers. Now that I've got my own, I'll be watching your gorgeous body a lot more. Would sure like to feel your hard as stone muscles!!!

  • maxbeller3

    12 years ago

    Don't think (or hope) he's dead. His youtube is still running :/

  • muzzles

    13 years ago

    did this guy really pass away..judging by the acne and tits it could only be one thing...sucha waste I hope rest in peace.

  • man4muscles27

    14 years ago

    NICE BICEPS man!

  • luvbicep

    14 years ago

    Incredible body - great pec shots, but it took to long to take that shirt off - why have it on in the first place. Front Bicep shots please - how about a double bi shot. Has the bod, let's see more of it.

  • MuscleLuvah

    14 years ago

    Sadly, Gary died a couple of weeks ago :(

  • mim

    16 years ago

    nice body, man. keep pumping.