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  • taliyah123

    1 Year ago

    Hey if your subbed on Mattia Vecchi you should start sharing it here you greedy selfish asshole it's just a video why the hell would you have the nerve to keep it all to yourself.

  • hawaiijock

    3 years ago

    oh pleeze. everyone knows that is hunky dory!

  • oxstrongjugger

    4 years ago

    Gosh he is ABSURDLY gorgeous. From his super-cute, handsome face, to his beautiful rippling abs, to his big strong hands and his sensual ink, this boy is just pure babydaddy and husband material. I need a child with this one, NOW.

  • mjolesko

    4 years ago

    Thank you for finally putting the “what is his real name?” Issue to bed once and for all. So let’s get back to enjoying the videos for what they are

  • mymusclevideo

    4 years ago

    One of the "rules" on mymusclevideo is not to mention the real names of the bodybuilders and muscle studs in the videos.
    We are getting tons message from bodybuilders from all over the world because of that. At the end, the result is, that I have to delete the video to keep their privacy. If a bodybuilder is so nice to shoot a hot video for us to enjoy, please be so nice and do not actively destroy the mainstream-life careers of the guys we all adore.