You Got 10 Minutes, Buddy

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  • 21eagles

    6 months ago

    A chest made of godly concrete!

  • d_buzzkill

    9 months ago

    How much $ for 10 minutes?

  • CelticMuscle

    10 months ago

    That abs and chest... like living armor... so impressive

  • starskie96

    10 months ago

    mark m. i'm sure this is a clip of the deleted vid under his profile at two vids of his three are still available

  • billd28971

    10 months ago

    What is the model's name?

  • benoitmax

    10 months ago

    Strong 💪…. Hot!

  • Builtt

    10 months ago

    WOW. that was one of his HOTTEST models.

  • tommybln

    10 months ago

    Pumping-muscle was the best page ever!!!


    10 months ago

    It really was.