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josepida Avatar

somebody should tell Frank The Tank, that his best atribute is his butt, nothing else....and that he is gettin chunky, he'd better start loosing that fat and get ripped
for the videos

by josepida (7 years ago)
elevenmm Avatar

I wish frank would just suck a dick already. haha. He's gonna pass his prime quick!

by elevenmm (7 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

hot huge gay for pay guys! and look at skye woods beef, wow, and that not GFP, sure hes enjoying! gorgeous giovanni! too many amazing huge guys! loved this vid!

by muscledudemail (7 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

I know these are Frank's clips, but that Zeus Diamonte is so much sexier than Frank. Too bad Zeus is not in the entire clip.

by mjolesko (7 years ago)