Muscle danceing-Pecs bounceing!

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  • menachembegin

    6 years ago

    hell, he is beautiful and hot

  • perrero

    8 years ago

    very hot

  • gappythree

    8 years ago

    Oh well just one decent clip to come out of H M S. Remind me not to subscribe!!!

  • BulgingTrunks

    8 years ago

    There's a lot of MPEG noise when the guy flexes, it ruins an otherwise great clip. Whoever made this video seriously needs learn how to tune the video compression.

  • banquotex

    8 years ago

    This was hot til he showed his face.

  • xychromo

    8 years ago

    I KNEW it! Now, with this additional slice of faux-meat piled on top of his own prior offerings--plus those of MUSCLECORPSE and SICPAC--HUNKMUSCLESHOW has made the site's opening page of videos more than 1/3 spam.