Eddie Elwood 2009

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One of my favorites competing at the 2009 NABBA Championships in London

More like 2000 championships. He was doing strongman by 2009

by (4 years ago)
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gappythree Avatar

What a treat! AFter viewing the probie5 posting of "Nick" on 21 Feb where he can hardly keep his eyes open to this dynamic show of sheet brutal muscularity and testosterone.. Let me at him....

by gappythree (5 years ago)
jamieh1974 Avatar

One of my favourites too - pure beef

by jamieh1974 (5 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I am amazed by how he looks here. He was looking so much older when he was doing the Strongman contests - a huge power lifter by then. Now he seems to have turned the clock back 20 years and looks to be in incredible condition. Very very impressive.

by gremlin8 (5 years ago)