Aaron Shea Flexing to the Music 3

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  • Luvmesomemusic

    2 years ago

    So fucking hot!!

  • caflvr

    2 years ago

    "the guy at the end" is the same guy in this and many other of Aaron's videos.

  • mmvcom

    4 years ago


  • XXX

    6 years ago

    Hope the guy at the end choked that faggot to death then fucked his bitch ass until his body was cold!

  • KayakMan003

    8 years ago

    ...and he enjoys having other guys touch is super-muscled body...

  • wht4bigblk

    9 years ago

    Usually just blk guys for me, but damn this boy's got swag.

  • wht4bigblk

    9 years ago

    now people, this young guy is the definition of natural and raw sexy and hot! Proof here that you can be very young and total man! I cant stop looking at the manly motherfucker.

  • dokkie

    11 years ago


  • huetemann

    11 years ago

    Music weird, but body begs to be touched.

  • MuscleLuvah

    11 years ago

    I need the rest! Please!