Aaron Shea Flexing to the Music 3

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Blond, hot, ripped muscle cutie Aaron Shea flexing his sexy arms in slow motion. One lucky person provides a nice surprise at the end.

Luvmesomemusic Avatar

So fucking hot!!

by Luvmesomemusic (8 months ago)
caflvr Avatar

"the guy at the end" is the same guy in this and many other of Aaron's videos.

by caflvr (9 months ago)
mmvcom Avatar


by mmvcom (3 years ago)

Hope the guy at the end choked that faggot to death then fucked his bitch ass until his body was cold!

by (5 years ago)
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KayakMan003 Avatar

...and he enjoys having other guys touch is super-muscled body...

by KayakMan003 (7 years ago)
wht4bigblk Avatar

Usually just blk guys for me, but damn this boy's got swag.

by wht4bigblk (8 years ago)
wht4bigblk Avatar

now people, this young guy is the definition of natural and raw sexy and hot! Proof here that you can be very young and total man! I cant stop looking at the manly motherfucker.

by wht4bigblk (8 years ago)
dokkie Avatar


by dokkie (10 years ago)
huetemann Avatar

Music weird, but body begs to be touched.

by huetemann (10 years ago)
MuscleLuvah Avatar

I need the rest! Please!

by MuscleLuvah (10 years ago)