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Nips, Pecs, Abs and huge ARMS

imsnare Avatar

Does anyone now where I can find the original video (full length and higher quality)? I joined Strengthnet but all of the older videos--Raciel's included--have been taken down. I contacted them and they said the format of the older video no longer works with their new site, thus they aren't going to display them anymore, even to people paying memberships!

by imsnare (6 months ago)
Nol Avatar

95lb/43kg hammer curls? holy cr#p
And what total weight did he barbell curl for 10+8 reps?
It's no wonder then Raciel's guns are frickin massive. Amazing.

by Nol (4 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

I can't cum to the shit quality of this video, no matter how big his nips are.

by Musclejacker (4 years ago)
framer Avatar


by framer (4 years ago)
shamir15 Avatar

This remindes me, does anyone have those themusclecorps.com full videos because I really want to see more of Alec:)

by shamir15 (4 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

Nice torso.. ok, fine. But I don't see any lower body work or development. It's the lower body that separates the bodybuilders from the wannabees.

by mjolesko (4 years ago)