Hard at Work (but hardly working)

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Muscleman Vin Marco takes a break from his woodwork and works on his wood

MuscleBrit Avatar

Vin I mean it man You are amazing, the very best, awesome. One day I have got to get over to where you are and meet you in the flesh!

by MuscleBrit (1 year ago)
gabrielsantos Avatar

Wow he has a nice big cock. I would love to feel him squirt a load deep in my guts.

by gabrielsantos (3 years ago)
schs1977 Avatar

Good looking, well built and well hung. DAMN!

by schs1977 (3 years ago)

he barely ejects cum..is he that old?

by (3 years ago)
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sagi1069 Avatar

good muscle good muscle

by sagi1069 (3 years ago)
devolver Avatar

Wow, sometimes I forget just how hung Vin really is when he's hard!

by devolver (3 years ago)