me flexing arms and chest

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  • EBMuscleLover

    3 months ago

    So hot, sexy, mouthwatering!

  • db214221

    7 years ago

    Now that is a man! And do not ever shave!

  • scoop58

    9 years ago

    Luv the fur!

  • cmhmuscle

    11 years ago

    NOTHING hotter than muscle covered in hot hair

  • jpatron98

    12 years ago

    Dude, shave the pecs so we can see ur hard nipples!

  • Caldonia

    12 years ago

    Time to get down and worship. Incedible.

  • gappythree

    12 years ago

    Hot Hot BODY. If he was shaved the definition would be amazing but thank God he stayed HAIRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UrsineMuslFan

    13 years ago

    You are so HOT! Great Torso, Chest!

  • mslbearcgn

    13 years ago

    HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • acheforyou

    13 years ago

    Very hot hairy muscleman you are, really great to worship to.