Zeb Atlas - God in Paradise

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Words cannot describe.

DFL2001 Avatar

Love his dick; paid to suck it once.

by DFL2001 (1 year ago)

Say what you will about Zeb Atlas, he doesn't seem to have let himself go to pot like so many former competitive bodybuilders who get into the muscle worship scene. Despite the passing years, he's got the same big meaty pecs, them huge arms and that muscular but oddly shaped ass

by (2 years ago)
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tisdalen Avatar

This clip is from 2006.

by tisdalen (2 years ago)
LoveEmBig Avatar

Zeb is so hot! Something I honestly think he's been genetically engineered or something, cuz he's SO damn huge, SO damn thick, AND has a nice face AND a big dick! I mean ... yeah ... love him! is this new for 2016? we haven't seen him much lately!

by LoveEmBig (2 years ago)
simpleandclean Avatar

Why have I never seen this video in my life

by simpleandclean (2 years ago)