Jake McLennon J/O

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Jake McLennon whacks off to completion . Enjoy.


by (8 months ago)
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RobRossiFan Avatar

looks like I missed this video too. happy to see Jake again, in all his horse glory

by RobRossiFan (10 months ago)
roscoepc2 Avatar

Does anybody know if he has a new website? I suspect this is new. I pretty sure I heard a baby crying in the background. Makes me think he is a daddy now. Probably had to go back to work for diapers and formula.

by roscoepc2 (1 year ago)
mrmicrowaveoven Avatar

Wow, a Jake video I have not seen yet. Either this video is new, or it was a hidden gem from long ago.

I think his dick is fine. I would still worship it for that crazy body.

by mrmicrowaveoven (1 year ago)
bigjeff Avatar

Jake has always been a hot guy that has shies away from showing dick. Now I see why. His best attributes are his other parts. I'm not sure how old this video is. There is one other video on here of him jacking off also.

by bigjeff (1 year ago)
rajtennis Avatar

I had no idea he was still doing cam shows. Good for him.

by rajtennis (1 year ago)
larryng Avatar

I was hoping he would be meatier "down there".

by larryng (1 year ago)


by (1 year ago)
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Thank God! I've waited years to see this. He will always be THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE as far as I am concerned! Thank you, Jake.

by (1 year ago)
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