Raciel: Wet White Pants

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Gorgeous jacked bodybuilder Raciel Castro in a photoshoot, and taking a shower with his white pants getting see through soaked.

devolver Avatar

Is that you in your profile pic? If so you should upload some vids of yourself here!

by devolver (1 year ago)
realish786 Avatar

wowww what a handsome fucka heyy...man, what I wanna do to those nipples...And I love this dudes massive arms (fully makes me wanna armwrestle him hahaha) - all that awesomeness PLUS hes actually goodlooking AND enjoys a nice cigar #mancrush hahaha

by realish786 (1 year ago)
daleo4 Avatar

only find his arms hot

by daleo4 (1 year ago)

his nipples are larger than his mouth! damn!

by (1 year ago)
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