jacques and mike

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  • jp9inch

    3 months ago

    Clumsy and uneasy. Not really worshiping - just touching.

  • Laflacca1029

    12 months ago

    @xbuzzerx they are pretty much all straight, lol not sure why you think they are gay. in the video Jacques is supposed to suck dick buy backs out because he doesn't feel comfortable doing it because he is straight.

  • xbuzzerx

    12 months ago

    @BberVSBber First of all I don't think any guy who has ever appeared on MaverickMales has been straight. Second if he was then the uncomfortableness would be even sexier imo :)

  • BberVsBber

    12 months ago

    FUN TOGETHER you say? Really? The smaller guy, (with the gyno btw), is SO uncomfortably straight that it is insulting to watch. The way he touches the taller guy...it is as if he hates it.