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  • mayena

    4 months ago

    Aethestically and vocally he reminds in some ways of fitness youtuber Aaron Miller (@a_a_ronfitness//TheBestFlexer - 'Troy Robinson').

  • evdanker

    6 months ago

    He could crush you in his bear hug.

  • tshirtandmuscles

    10 months ago

    HOW has this existing for a year!?!?! amazing video. The perfect bicep tease!!!

  • HerrDoom

    10 months ago

    3:34 that pose is blowing my mind (among other things)

  • benoitmax

    1 Year ago

    Strong 💪!… I’ll armwrestle him anytime!….

  • newrobbie

    2 years ago

    i think this guy is on OF's. he is very hot and has a killer physique. i love the way he talks to me about his muscle.


    10 months ago

    Mind sharing his OF with us? Some of us could be willing to support him, if we were so inclined

  • Theredder

    2 years ago

    Ditto, who is this?

  • crushme99

    2 years ago

    Oh, wait. Is that the same guy as in your previous "Fullscreen this one?" Hot hot hot.

  • crushme99

    2 years ago

    Wow, indeed. Another great fine. Unfortunately anonymous.

  • stan125

    2 years ago

    wow! who is this, and where can i find more?


    2 years ago

    Muscleboybg from thebestflex, he's a phenomenal guy