Prime Marco Rossi

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Very hot clip of musclegod Marco Rossi in his prime. Watch him work out, get sweaty, talk to his buds, and play to the camera. This guy is the total package.

Why here his nipples are so smaller when in other videos look so big and juicy?

by (2 years ago)
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mcgeemcgee Avatar

Jb Fisher, are you a sad loser?

by mcgeemcgee (2 years ago)
jbfisher Avatar

Great video - Marco looks great and the shirtless flexing is hot. I don't know how he looks now but hateful, negative comments like mcgee's usually are made by sad losers that are jealous.

by jbfisher (6 years ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

He was goodlooking back then, but I saw him 4 years ago and UGLYYYY!

by mcgeemcgee (6 years ago)