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  • musclebawdy

    10 months ago

    Great vintage clip. Back then most guys were posing in minimal pouches and this guy is fully nude. And he even shows his butthole. Awesome!

  • bfurryman

    5 years ago

    The man has a magnificent body!! And, as BeefBod wrote, he "knows how to show it off!"

  • Anonymous

    6 years ago


  • BeefBod

    8 years ago

    I like when he switches from the standard classic bodybuilder poses to getting down and showing his asshole. This guy knows how to show it off!

  • prettythugbruh

    8 years ago

    @shelgr3 negro describes the color of our skin. the more PC term is African American because it reflects ethnicity rather than skin color.

  • xychromo

    8 years ago

    There's an ongoing argument about whether that perfectly proper word could now be thought "offensive,' For some, and in certain contexts, it apparently is. By 1974 it already sounded distinctly 'quaint,' and its use often implied the speaker wanted to turn the clock back to the pre-civil-rights era. But while Bob was merely being old-fashioned, his use of 'Negroe' was a flat-out misspelling of 'Negro.' That's all I meant.

  • shelgr3

    8 years ago

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the word "Negro" (plural = "Negroes"), either in 1974 or now.

  • phreddie

    8 years ago

    Confidential to Mjolesko: Well, I guess things HAVE changed, then, and quite a lot, in the 60 years since that bit of gay erotica (the Colbert photo) was shot. Now let's see: homely (UNcheck), ill-groomed (uncheck), big dick (uncheck) ANY dick (uncheck). Maybe this is another reason why that era is thought of as the Golden Age.

  • xychromo

    8 years ago

    No doubt about it, mjolesko. But just look at who's turning out that junk--third rate video outfits owned and/or operated by men of color! In the best physique-oriented sites (MuscleHunks et al) superior black men are reasonably well represented--just as idealized as whites, and on their own terms, not made to conform to WASP conventions.

  • mjolesko

    8 years ago

    Interesting perspective on the progress of sexual fetishism, Xychromo. Yet things have not changed that much where gay erotica is concerned. The bulk of porn stars promoted as "desirable" and "sexy" remain the WASP ideal. Blacks on film (or DVD) remain a narrow niche market, predominantly known for big dicks attached to homely, ill groomed men.