From the Golden Age of Trade 17

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  • cody53

    1 Year ago

    Marine slogan in Washington DC especially around the Iwo Jima Memorial: " You can suck me and you can fuck me.
    But don't kiss me. "

  • DKenton

    2 years ago

    Dak worked for Target but not Colt. He was also a clothing model at one point. He was a member of that first generation of NYC/Fire Island porn stars that also included Bruno, Bill Eld, et al.

  • bfurryman

    5 years ago

    I do not remember John Converse - or DAK - but I will never forget him again after seeing this splendid film!! Did not quite understand the full cum scene of a hairier man with a smaller cock (the man being remembered by the actor, maybe?), but who needs understanding when the visuals are SO GORGEOUS!

  • larry459714

    5 years ago

    Wrong music choice. WRONG