Herbert's sexy posers

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Muscleman squeezes his junk into his posers and shows off his sexy muscled body

tepedor Avatar

Just AMAZING... !!! Never seen better posingtrunks, and that´s the way all bodybuilders should pose on stage... !!!

by tepedor (2 weeks ago)
johnbf Avatar

That is one of the hottest posing videos I have ever seen.
His cock is barely contained - they should wear that on stage.

by johnbf (8 months ago)
redgeinjax Avatar

Better than naked, so HOT, cock too big to contain.

by redgeinjax (9 months ago)
andybelo Avatar

This guy is an escort in Rio, in Brazil

by andybelo (9 months ago)

Love the Banana Hammock. So sexy

by (10 months ago)
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gerard2 Avatar

I love !!

by gerard2 (10 months ago)

please more of this. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

by (10 months ago)
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