Hair Pecs and Body

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  • scoop58

    5 years ago

    I've always enjoyed Eddie, but I really wish he would go back to making flexing videos. I love to watch him move, but want to see more of that muscle!

  • Anonymous

    6 years ago

    Beautiful guy mate-Just wish you would make videos showing off your body and not videos where you continualy belch or make stupid utterances from your mouth-Rather view your physique than your dick,which in no way turns me on-Just show that excelent body off

  • devolver

    8 years ago

    I find his body insanely hot, but his mutated dick is just gross.

  • MuscleYogi

    11 years ago

    A FREAK, indeed...but a sexy one!

  • thimbo

    11 years ago

    Yeah - Amazing Body - Can't really tell all that much about his dick (except it's huge!). But can't even see the whole pouch... you guys lookin at something I'm not seein?
    ALSO - Wish he'd show more of that giant, sweaty, & surprisingly smooth butt... mmm...


    11 years ago

    Incredible physique but WHY has he done that to his dick - completely ruined, looks deformed, such a shame. Makes Tom Lord look small!

  • mmafan27

    11 years ago

    You know how there are girls with the eating disorders, who wish to look like the models seen in mags and such? Well there are guys who have the same problem; though try to make their bodies look more like heroes in comic books- he's got a lot of comic books plastered all over his wall- and his body even down to his manhood- look like something out of a comic book.

  • musclpkg

    11 years ago

    The man's a freak pure and simple. In a good way. He has spent years lovingly developing himself into a wetdream musclefreak fantasy. He doesn't care if you like it. He needs to be the hugest, freakiest, hypertrophied knuckle-dragging troglodyte on the planet, and he is not done yet.

  • gappythree

    11 years ago

    Am I missing out on something?? Who is this guy. The only other man I can think of who completely ruined a really good hot cock was Tom Lord...

  • Chereveur1

    11 years ago

    well guys i think he doesnt care about or traditional taste on men. his cock is made to sofocate you and not to get penetrated, so deal with it. i saw this guy naked in the gym and believe me he looks great because he is tall and he is in deed a nice boy s heart. though of course when im horny and want to play with boy i never call him.. mmm maybe one day.